Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Still here!

We are still here!  We have been busy anyway, and then the tornadoes came through last week.  It was stressful to say the least!  Kevin's parents live in Tuscaloosa county, Kevin's grandmother, Hubbard, lives in Pleasant Grove, my family lives in N. Alabama, just north of Cullman and Tim was travelling from Jackson, MS through Tuscaloosa and was (literally) 10-15 mins in front of the Tuscaloosa tornado.

We all made it through fine, but it is heart wrenching the devastation that is surrounding us down here.  Since Tim came to our house, instead of going home, on Wednesday because of the tornadoes, and N. Alabama was out of power, Mom, Sarah Grace and Victoria came down here and spent Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday with us.  It was wonderful having them here, but bittersweet knowing that they were here because of the terrible devastation in the cities that hold such special places in our hearts.

To top it off, they have put the Police on 12 hour shifts, until further notice.  Kevin is working 7pm to 7am.  It pretty much stinks!  Considering I have to leave here at 6:30, to be at work on time, it means that I have to take Rory with me to work, and meet Kevin in the parking lot, and he brings her back with him.  Not to mention, it means that we get to spend NO time together!  We have dinner, Kevin rushes to put his clothes on, and he leaves by 6.  NO FUN!!!!  Hopefully, that will end soon.  We are just thankful that we still have each other and a home to come back to.

I am including my new favorite picture, just because....well...just because!


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