Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I haven't posted pics of Miss Bee in a while, so I figured I would post a few.  

A day at the park with Mommy and Daddy.  Those piggie tails kill me!
 Little girl, big bow, monogrammed shirt, english sandals...does it get any more southern than that?
 Rory likes to "dip" her food.  I had given her a little cup of sour creme to dip her cheese quesedilla in.  I turned around, and she had put it all over her face, hair and hands.  She said "Mommy, I love dis wo-shin (lotion)."
 We went outside to play and she insisted on taking 'Baby Meredith' in the stroller.  She pushed it out to the middle of the drive way, turned around and said "Mommy, you take my pic-tah like dis."  So...I did.  She had quite a few more poses for me too.

 My big girl.  She looks so big in the picture.
 She is so goofy sometimes.  She must get that from Kevin's side of the family.


phat girls usa said...

is that what she decided to name the doll?

Lauren said...

For now it know that can change.

Candi said...

Lol she's a mess :) Too cute!

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