Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Conversations with Rory

Rory has been quite the chatterbox lately.  Here is a sampling of our conversations.

At Target
R: Mommy wears hunna-pants
M: Yes Rory, I wear underpants
R: Daddy wears hunna-pants
M: Yes Rory, Daddy wears underpants
R: Rory wears a diaper
M: Yes Rory, you wear a diaper, but if you start going potty like a big girl, you can wear big girl underpants too.
R: (to the lady passing us in the aisle-very loudly) HEY wear hunna-pants?

At night, after dinner and before bath, I let her run around in only big girl underwear until bath time.  I had gotten her undressed and she was sitting on the bed while I went to get 2-3 pairs of underwear for her to choose from.  I am walking back towards her bed and she is sitting with her legs underneath her, facing the opposite way.
M: Rory (she looks at me over her shoulder)
R: (in her softest, most prim and proper voice) Ohh, pardon me Mommy.

Playing with her play kitchen
R: Here Mommy, you cut this happle
M: Ok, hand me the apple and the knife and I will cut it.
(Rory hands me the knife and I lay it on my leg so that I can grab the handle)
R: Oh no Mommy, knifes cut food, not people
M: Rory, I am not cutting myself, I am turning it around so that I can cut the apple
R: If you not be nice, Rory put the knife away Mommy.
M: Yes ma'am
(At least I know that my message is sinking in)

Kev, Rory and I are in our bed, we are trying to get Rory to take a nap.  Kevin is asking me something (can't remember what)
R: Daddy, you close your mouth now
K: Ok, I am sorry Rory.
(a few minutes later)
R: Mommy, I not takin a nap, lets go shoppin'

After putting her play clothes on, to go outside to play
M: Rory do you want your blue english sandals or your pink tennis shoes (converse high tops)
R: Pink Tennie-Boots

In the car on the way to somewhere
R: We don't bite people
M: No, Rory, we don't bite people
R: Noo, biting is not nice.
M: You are correct, it is not nice to bite.
R: We don't hit
M: No, Rory, we don't hit
R: Noo, hit is not sweet
M: You are correct, hitting is not sweet
R: We don't scweem woud
M: No, Rory, we don't scream loudly
R: We don't poot
M: Let's not talk about pooting Rory
R: Poot has-a big smwell

In the car (again)
R: Where is my pacie
M: You don't need a pacie, Rory, you are a big girl
R: I'm a big girl, I not need a pacie
M: You are right, you ARE a big girl, you don't need a pacie
R: Baby wear a diaper
M: Yes, babies wear diapers
R: Rory wear a diaper.  Rory a baby, Rory needa pacie
(Crap...just outsmarted by a 2 year old)


Nichole said...

Love the last one! Laughed out loud! I saw where it was going.....LOL

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