Friday, July 30, 2010

5 on Friday

Not a whole lot going on this week so I thought I would throw a "5 on Friday" out there.

  1. Our babysitter has been out of town for 2 weeks.  Last week my MiL kept Rory and this week Tim has kept her.  Rory has really enjoyed the Grands, but WOW is she rotten now!
  2. I am pretty sure that the surface of the sun is cooler than it is outside.
  3. We joined Gymboree today.  I think we will try it for a month.  Rory really liked it last week so I am sure that it will become a regular thing for us.  It is good for her to be around other kiddos. 
  4. We are SLAMMED at work.  I am SO glad that today is Friday.
  5. I am TIRED!  I can't come up with a #5.  I will try to get some pics up this weekend!


Mandy said...

Grands are the best at making a kiddo ROTTEN!!!!!

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