Friday, January 8, 2010

Language Explosion

Rory has a baby book, I have done well with filling it out with major milestones, but I can't seem to remember to grab it to make a list of her words so far.  So, as another form of our family's record...I am going to put it here, while I am thinking about it.

  1. Mama
  2. Daddy
  3. Neh-Nee (Nellie)
  4. Bee (Ruby)
  5. Ball
  6. Mo (More)
  7. Up
  8. Down
  9. Baf (Bath)
  10. Umm-Umm (as in No)
  11. Gog (dog)
  12. Guck (duck)
  13. Gook (Book)
  14. Baby
  15. Fweet (Sweet)
  16. Shoe
  17. Bishes (britches)
  18. Boop (poop)
  19. Tee Tee
  20. Bad Gog (Bad Dog)
  21. Bite
  22. Shees (Cheese)
  23. Ba-dul (Bottle)
  24. Shoosh (juice)
  25. Cat
  26. Mow (Meow)
  27. Gack Gack (Quack Quack)
  28. EIEIO
  29. Bock (Brock, our nephew)
  30. Dit Down (Sit down or get down depending on the context)
  31. Eat
  32. Milp (Milk)
  33. Beah (Bear)
  34. Nanna (Savannah-the baby sitter)
  35. Hey Dere (hey there)
  36. Gi Upah (Get up)
  37. Nie Nite (Night Night)
  38. Ahh Dun (All Done)
  39. Mowse (Mickey Mouse)
  40. Dah Gog (Hot Dog - not the food, a dance on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  41. Tree
  42. Ho Ho (Santa)
  43. Dat (that)
  44. One, Que, Fee, Fo, Pibe, Sih, Seh, Aye, Ni, Ken (1-10 she can same them all but sometimes she misses one or two or says them out of order - she likes to forget 4 and 8)
  45. Fuff (Puff)
  46. Pacie
  47. Ruff Ruff
  48. Aww (usually followed by 'Fweet')
  49. Shuu Wee
  50. Gee (Tim)
  51. Nanny (Lovie - we are working on making this sound like Lovie...Rory keeps insisting it is Nanny though...sorry Mom!)
  52. Tidee (Kitty)
  53. Bye Bye
  54. Wow
  55. Uhh Ohh
  56. Oh No
  57. Mummo (Yummo)
  58. Lish-us (Delicious)
  59. Tank You (Thank You)
  60. Ree (Rory)
  61. Mope (Remote)
  62. Bess You (Bless You, she says it after she sneezes)
I think that is all...Hope you  guys had a good week!  More pics coming soon!


Candi said...

Wow I'm impressed...that's a lot of words for a 13 month old..go Rory!

Colleen said...

What a chatterbox. And Nanny instead of Lovie made me laugh. I know you're mom wants Lovie WAY more than she wants Nanny. :)

Lauren said...

Hehe, we think it is pretty funny as well! She just rolls her eyes when Rory says it. I think that she thinks that we taught it to her...we really didn't, but it is funny anyway.

Monica said...

We found out that despite what you "want" to be called, sometimes babies just come up with their own names for you.

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