Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 on Tuesday - Thursday Edition

No pic, sorry!
 1. It is almost February...the month of 465 birthdays. Kevin is turning 30, enough said.
2. Rory doesn't like Broccoli, I think that it is the texture
3. We are going through the stage where Rory pushes us to see just how far she can push it before we push back. We are winning....most of the time.
4. The other night I told Rory to be still so that I could wipe her hiney and she said in an extrememly perky voice "Hi Niney!" It was pretty funny.
5. Is it Friday yet?
6. I am reading the book "The Help" It is pretty good...I definately recommend it.
7. We have NOTHING planned for this weekend...YAY!
8. I made braised short ribs, mashed potatoes and baked beans for dinner on Monday and they were GOOOD!
9. I made Chicken Divan for dinner last night and brought left overs for lunch today. One of my favorites.
10. Have I mentioned that I am ready for Friday yet? I have? Well I would like to repeat for dramatic effect...Is it Friday yet?


Candi said...

February is the month of the gazillion birthdays for us too!

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