Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Better late than never?

Ok, so better late than never right?  So here is the Christmas post.  This first picture is of all the Grandkids and Great Grandkids on my Mom's side, with my Grandmother.  Notice how all the kids are behaving except for mine...clearly she is accustomed to being the center of attention.  Gee...I can't imagine why!
(Back Row: Eric, Michelle, Nikki, Rob, Kevin, Owen, Mallory, Patrick and Ava.  Seated: Me, Rory, Mama Sue, Victoria and Sarah Grace.  On the floor, Ashton and Hunter)

 Look what Santa brought!

"Mommy, that Doll is cute, but I really only care about my pacies"

"I take that back, pacies and peach puffs"
Kevin was the camera man on Christams morning and he apparently kept putting his hand in the way of the flash but is that not the cutest little bottom you have ever seen?
My Mom and Tim got her a little bath robe with a bunny on it.  Not that she will leave it on.  I get her out of the tub and put her it on her and as soon as I open the bathroom door, she flings it off and goes running naked through the house giggling...great!
Rory, her ducks, sock monkey, rabbit all riding in the wagon.  There was also a book (Gossie and Gertie...thanks Colleen!) in the compartment on the back.  This kid loves books, seriously, we probably read the same 3-4 30 times a day...I am not kidding, she can't get enough!
At first, Rory wasn't sure what to think of the whole thing, but she caught on pretty quickly.  She also was pretty excited to ride in the wagon, we rode around the house a few times, and then we bundled her up in my old snow suit and took a short stroll down the street.  It was a hit!  She was probably most excited about the peach puffs in her stocking.  She carried them around saying "Mo Fuff" (more puff) for a while.

I got a Flip HD from Kevin and a new crockpot.  Kevin got a new coat and a watch and my Mom and Tim got us  4 place settings of "Chirp" china.  We had a GREAT Christmas.

OK, I promise, more posts coming.


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