Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ten on Tuesday--Wednesday

  1. It is November already, I don't even remember October.
  2. Rory took her 1st big spill this past weekend, at my In-Law's house. I was in the kitchen, apparently everyone in the living room thought that someone else was watching her, she went down the steps. I FREAKED out! Rory screamed, she is fine, has a bit of a black eye and a bruise on her hip. It still makes me sick to think about it.
  3. I have Rory's Birthday invites done, I just have to get them printed.
  4. Last year at this time I was 8 months pregnant and miserable. I can't believe that it has been a year already!
  5. I am so excited for Christmas and Rory's birthday but I am going to spend too much, I can already tell
  6. We (Rory and I) will be in Decatur this weekend. I don't know yet when we are coming and going, but we will be there at some point.
  7. Rory's new skill of the week...saying Poop (although it sounds like boop). If you ask her what is in her pants she says "Boop" even if there isn't. Great...very lady like don't you think?
  8. I miss my friend Allison. She moved to DC with her fiance 2 weeks ago and I am about to go crazy missing her.
  9. I ordered us new stocking this year. THESE are mine and Kevin's and THIS one is Rory's. Mine and Kev's came in yesterday and Rory's should be in this week.
  10. I can't think of 10...sorry!


Candi said...

I'm glad no major damage was done when Rory fell! Bless her heart though!
Lol when you said you can't remember either...don't know where it went..especially the last half of it! I'm hoping November isn't the same!

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