Saturday, November 14, 2009

11 months

11 just doesn't seem possible.  We went to the Botanical Gardens today and I was amazed at how big you looked standing there looking at all God's creation.  I hope, sweet girl, that you will stop and see the wonder that God has created around you, I hope that you will always love to laugh, I hope that you will always know how much your Daddy and I love you.  You truely are our miracle, Rory Meredith.  We are so blessed to watch you grow.  Could you do us a favor though, and slow down?



Candi said...

Wow 11 months..this year has flown!! We got Rory's birthday invite in the mail Saturday...looking forward to seeing that precious baby turn one! What kind of stuff is she into or does she need?

Lauren said...

Girl...the kid has more stuff than we know what to do with! Since she can't ask for anything...really she has no clue what a birthday is, we are asking for no gifts...just bring a favorite book to donate to the library in honor of her 1st bday. Just the gift of your attendance is enough!

Can't wait to see you and that sweet baby girl!

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