Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Despite fighting off a cold this week and Kevin having to work on Rory's first Halloween, we had a good time! We went to my in-law's house and Rory and our nephews went trick or treating together. They had a good time and all 3 were really cute. Daddy thought that Miss Rory-Bug was pretty cute. I took her tights off of her so that she could crawl without slipping around. She was having a good time, as you can see. Davis and Rory. Davis was "Mr. Incredible" from 'The Incredibles.' Rory thinks that Davis is REALLY funny! Brock was Superman, he was too cute! The Humphrey grand kids are awfully cute...and mischevioius! Mr Incredible and Superman, we were in good hands should any bad guys show up. Brock was clearly not interested in smiling for any pictures. Our little lady bug. Her costume was padded and was hilarious. It was also really warm, so she was plenty warm. I was worried that it would be too hot, you know how Halloween in Alabama is, it could be 85 or it could be 35, you just never know. I totally forgot to get her a candy bucket, so I pulled out the old paint pens and ribbons and threw something together. I had this little tin the in closet waiting for inspiration and voila...candy bucket today...who knows what tomorrow. We like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


Mandy said...

Super cute!!!
Cute bucket too. You're so creative.

Lauren said...

I took them back because this is the only outfit that she would wear them with.

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