Sunday, August 9, 2009

Playtime on the palate.

Rory and I have been participating in a lot of playtime in the floor lately. For your photographic enjoyment, a look at all the types of floor play that we have been enjoying.

  1. "Mommy got tired of putting my PJ pants back on after the 3rd diaper change in an hour" Even pantsless---she is cute. Check out the bed head.
2. "Look at the pretty baby in the mirror play time" She LOVES this book, well actually she loves ALL books, but this one has a mirror on the last page and she gets a kick out of looking at herself. 3. "Mmmm, this wooden puzzle tastes good" playtime. I got her the 3 piece wooden puzzle the other weekend and she really likes it. She tends to gravitate to the crab piece, I think because it is red. Well that is it for now. Have a great week!


Mandy said...

Look at all the hair! My goodness it is so pretty! She's soaking it all up like a sponge! All girl with the mirror thing. Jason keep threatening to take Emma's out of her room.

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