Friday, July 31, 2009

The Wedding

Kevin's boss's oldest daughter got married earlier this month. Kevin, Rory and I attended and had a great time. Here are some pics from the festivities.

  • Jill and Michael after the "hitchin'" Michael grabbed her hand and literally ran up the aisle.
  • The cute red head on the left there is Jill's sister and our FABULOUS babysitter. She and Rory are a wild pair!
  • The bouquet toss. Man am I glad that I don't have to participate in that anymore! It is dangerous I tell ya!
  • Searching for the garter.
  • Father of the bride. Greg is such a sweet heart....I mean, Greg is such a tough guy...yeah, that is what I meant!
  • These are out of order but this is more bouquet madness!
  • Leaving for the honeymoon.
  • Our sitter, S (and Rory), saying good bye to the Bride and Groom
  • The dress that Rory is wearing is my first Easter dress. She looked so cute in it.
  • Rory and I waiting for the reception to start. Rory was not impressed with the picture taking. A lot of people were taking pics of her and she thought it was sort of weird.
  • I have a very similar picture of my Dad holding me this way on my 1st Easter. I will have to try to remember to scan it in and post it too.
Weddings make Rory tired. She was all partied out!


Candi said...

She is getting so big :) It won't be long before her first birthday! I love that dress, and that's a great family picture of ya'll.

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