Sunday, July 26, 2009


Ok, so Rory is 7.5 months old already and I am just now posting her 7 months pictures. Oh well. I couldn't find the cord to download the pictures for a while. I am planning to post some more pics this week. Anyway, this is the official 7 month post. Rory got her 1st tooth on her 7 month birthday. This weekend another one started peeking through. It is official, we are living with a snaggle tooth. No complaints here though!


Trice said...

I love her dress..Did you make it? She is such a big girl and growing like a little weed. My goodness she is adorable.

Lauren said...

I did not make this dress. I got a GREAT deal on it so I picked it up for her to have when we go to the beach.

She IS a big girl...growing too fast!

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