Friday, April 3, 2009

Rory's Christening and Emotinal Rambling...

  • This Sunday, April 5, Miss. Bee will be Christened at my Mom's church. I am really fairly excited! We are having a luncheon-type get together afterwards at Mom and Tim's house (which is currently for sale...any buyers ;) ). The pastor that is going to christen her is the same pastor who did my Dad's funeral service, did Tim's wife's funeral service and who also performed the ceremony when Mom and Tim got married. I guess you can say that things have come full circle! I have to say that I am a bit sad that I won't be able to look over and see my Dad sitting there in the pew, but I know that he is going to be there anyway-even if I can't see him with my eyes.
  • It does give me quite a bit of comfort knowing that Rory will always have someone looking over her and watching over her. We are so blessed, us Humphrey girls (and Kevin too!). We have my Dad watching over us and we are also blessed to have Tim who I really don't think could love either Rory or I any more than he already does.
  • It is a strange phenomenon, this whole step-parent thing. I know that in some situations, "steps" can be kind of a sticky situation. Not in our family . I can not express or explain how relieved that I am that my Mom has someone who loves her like she deserves to be loved. I know without a doubt that my Dad would have wanted her to feel full again. I know that no one can ever replace my Dad, and my Mom I am sure would be the first to tell you that, but it is such a humble feeling to know that through such tragedy of the death of two spouses that He has brought them together. Now Tim has something that I am sure, he never dreamt that he would have, a sweet little grand baby (and her nutty Mommy...hey we are a package deal here folks!) and Rory has both a Grandfather on earth and a Grandfather in heaven and the benefit of my Dad's family AND Tim's family to envelope her in love as she grows up. Seriously, how blessed are we...really? I don't know if Tim knew quite what he was getting in Kevin and I (and by that I mean ME...lets face it I am a handful...I don't deny it!) when he married my Mom. We however, got a true treasure. Yep, we are lucky, lucky girls. I just pray that Kevin, Rory and I are as big a blessing to him (and my Mom) as he is to us. I can never thank God enough for what He has given us, for what He has given my a time when we felt like our little cups were going to run comes Tim, and now...well frankly...our cup runneth over, truly...all over the floor and out the door.
  • I will post pics of the Christening when I have a chance next week, and then after that...we are having her portraits made soon after by THIS fantastic photographer...I am SO excited!


Candi said...

Oh I can't wait till you get your pictures done by Erin. They will be so awesome!!

That's a sweet post about Tim. I'm glad that both you and your mom have you said no one can replace your dad but it's good to have someone there to form a different and new bond with. Rory is a lucky little girl :) Good luck with the christening.

Colleen said...

I'm so glad that Tim has become such a special part of your lives, and I'm sure he feels the same way. The Humphrey (and Faulkner) women are great women and Tim's a lucky man. I'm sure he knows that. And I'm sure your Dad approves.

I can't WAIT to see Rory's pictures. Erin is a special kind of photographer. I'm sure she's going to capture all of Rory's sweetness. :)

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