Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 on Tuesday

It has been a while, so I figured that I would do a 10 on Tuesday...or at least attempt to.

  1. I am tired of rain. I know, 'April showers bring May flowers' but it doesn't do much for my mood (or attitude). Why not some nice, spring weather (and climate). I would enjoy some good walks before it feels like I am walking on the sun.
  2. Rory has her portraits this weekend with the fabulous Erin. I can't wait!
  3. Kevin just started new off days. For the next 6 months he will have Monday Tuesday off. It has it's perks. We are keeping our wonderful babysitter Tuesday through Friday from 2-5 and Kevin will use Tuesday to do things that he can't do with Rory in tow. You know, stuff like mow the yard (ours and his parents).
  4. We are going to eat at this great Italian restaurant tonight with some friends of ours. It is called Joe's Italian and it is REAL Italian food...as in off the boat Italian. It reminds me of Nonie's food. Man...I didn't realize how much I missed my good Italian until we ate there the other week.
  5. We got a new car. It is a Ford Flex. We LOVE it. We traded the Explorer and got this instead. It is AWESOME! It has all the bells and whistles and it gets really good gas mileage for an SUV. I will take pictures when the weather is nice enough (see #1).
  6. Yes, I still have the Sky. I refuse to let her abdicate the garage...I may be a Mommy now, but I am still cool...at least that is what I keep repeating to myself in my tired stupor.
  7. Ok, I am racing towards my 29th birthday...whew the 20s sure are going fast!
  8. The oldest D*uggar kid and his wife are preggers. I am all about letting God lead you in your decisions in marriage, but I think that their philosophy on children (the same as the elder D*uggars) is a bit much. I know that God said to go forth and multiply but he also gives multiple examples of why he gave us a brain to think (and count...budget...reason). I don't know how healthy it is to have 18 kiddos (and still want more). It can't be good for a woman's body to have that many. I dunno...just doesn't seem healthy to me. From a mental or physical perspective. I get not wanting to take the pill because it can cause you to miscarry before you know that you are preggers, but there are OTHER forms of control if you know what I mean. Just my opinion...$.02...not worth much I guess.
  9. Happy Bday Colleen...I think that I am a tad early, but I didn't want to forget to tell you!
  10. I will get snapshots from Easter put up some time this week. My teeny tiny baby is getting big. She has discovered a new cry this week. We affectionately call her the "ghost." It is really more of a shrieking squeal than a cry. She only does it if she is not getting her way. Yeah, already!

10 sure is a lot.


Colleen said...

Thank you!! You're not THAT early, it's the 22nd. Thanks for thinking of me.

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