Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pain in the @$$, 90 days and this must be how Dorothy felt when she landed in OZ!

  • So I wrote last week that they messed up my Glucose test and I had to go back and retest. I went in and the result came back as borderline, as in .4 over the acceptable range. So they wanted me to come back in for the 1/2 day test. L@bcorp has a history of messing up my tests (as in this is the 3rd one...since I have been pregnant that I have had to redo because of their goofs) and so I asked if since I am predisposed to Gest. Diabetes (because of PCOS) if we can just assume that I do have it and treat it accordingly. My doctor said that was fine with her (even though she doesn't think that I really do have GD), the nutritionist checked off on it and I had to go in on Tuesday for a "class" on how to deal with it. No big deal right? WRONG! My Drs office, if you are diagnosed with it, they make you monitor your blood sugar 4 times a day with a blood sugar monitor. Pain in the @$$. So far I am on day 3 and I haven't had 1 single reading that is out of line. I think that if I go a whole month with normal readings, I am going to start testing once a day and if those #s are crazy, I will go back to 4 times a day. Blahh!
  • On a lighter note, I am 90 days away from my due date. 90 days....90 for real. That is less than 3 months until my due date. (Please God let her come a few weeks, like 2-3, early). Holy cow, my "To Do" list is endless: her nursery isn't done, our house is a wreck, 2 baby showers to go to, complete the Maternity Leave paperwork, get Kevin's insurance stuff prepared for her and I, get my insurance ready for me not to be on it, get the carpets cleaned in the nursery, finalize a pediatrician, and...and...and!!!!!
  • Our 4 D ultrasound is 10/14. I am SO pumped about it! I think that Kevin is a well! I want to see that little face and those ever moving hands and feet.
  • Mom sold her house, closes tomorrow...I went home last weekend to get some stuff and on the way back....LOST IT!!!! Seriously....driving on 65S sobbing...just more than I could handle at that point. Every semblance of getting to "go home" to Decatur is gone. It isn't just the house, I mean, going home really is more of a combination of a lot of things, MY house, MY parents, MY stuff, MY life...Well now I don't have MY house and I only have one of MY parents left. Nothing is the same! My room at Tim and Mom's doesn't have my stuff in it, I don't have childhood memories there, it is just a room where Kevin and I will sleep...I have nothing left of "home." Now I am just a guest in my Mother's is really difficult, a lot more so than I thought that it would be! Not that I am in to material things...don't read it that way, it is just that sometimes I have trouble handling all the changes that have happened in the past year all at the same time. Sometimes it is slightly over whelming. Slightly being a slight understatement.

Anyways, that it what is going on in our life....we really are blessed, even if I get frustrated some times!



Candi said...

I'm sorry about the blood testing stuff...I know my dad has to do it twice a day for his diabetes and he too complains how much it sucks.
I'm also sorry you had a breakdown over your old house. I know how you feel. Where my parents live now is just a place that they live. I have no memories there, no stuff, no nothing. Just a place I go visit my parents at. But just remember your family is still in Decatur, and Decatur will always be a home to you as long as your family is there. For everything you have had to deal with over the last year trust me it's absolutely understandable you had a breakdown on the interstate.
Just think in 3 months you will have that precious little girl there with you! How exciting is that!!

Trice said...

3 months to go! Wow. I know that seems like an eternity to you but please enjoy this time.
I am sorry that you had a hard time leaving your old house in Decatur. But I am sure that the memories you make at your moms new home will be even better.
As far as your to do list, take it a day at time.

KlancyA said...

Hang in there girl, there are still many many more memories to be made with the new little one!! Good luck with the GD! I'm excited for you on the 4D ultrasound, you'll get your first really glimpse of the little bee's features. :)

Colleen said...

What a pain in the butt on the GD test. Geez. I hope you get all normal numbers and can just monitor it daily. Boo.

I'm sorry the house selling hit you hard. I imagine it would be tough to sell a home with so many memories. Just focus on all the memories you're going to make in their new house! So many good times to come.

And as far as your to-do list, when it gets overwhelming just remind yourself that she's going to come whether you're done or not and everything's going to be fine. She won't care if the carpets are cleaned or her nursery is spotless. Do what you can but relax and enjoy your pregnancy!

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