Tuesday, September 9, 2008

10 on Tuesday

I don't know that I will have 10, but it is worth a try.

  1. We got the nursery all painted and the furniture is in there. It is KILLING me not having the mattress and the bedding and all of that jazz in there too. It still has a long way to go, but hopefully it will be finished soon.
  2. I am going to Atlanta this weekend with Mom. We are spending the night and I am coming back on Sunday. I am pretty excited to be getting away.
  3. My Mom's house was broken into about a week and a half ago. They caught the lady on Friday and recovered all of our stuff. There is a small article in the Decatur Daily about it today. She took random stuff like towels, Mom's bathmat, my Rothschild coat from when I was 2, a dress my Great Grandmother made, the paper towel holder from the kitchen, the toilet paper stands from the bathrooms, the TV remotes and a bunch of other random things. When they found her, she had all the stolen items neatly put away in her house. Weirder!
  4. Today is my Dad's birthday, Happy Birthday Daddy...I sure do miss you!
  5. Roll Tide...keep it up!
  6. I want to go to the beach...for like a month....yeah, that isn't going to happen!
  7. Because I am going to be A-town this weekend, I am going to miss Emma-Lou's birthday party...so sorry Louise!!!!!!
  8. I think Miss Bee is banging on my Sciatic (sp???) nerve. I have a shooting pain down my left leg and my tail bone feels like it is broken in half...not fun!
  9. Did you guys know that Sunday was Grandparent's Day? We sure didn't and boy are we in the dog house on that one! I didn't even know there was such a thing.
  10. I don't have a #10...sorry! Have a great Tuesday everyone!



Candi said...

What a weird situation on the thief! Glad they got ya'll's stuff back though.
Yeah I knew it was Grandparent's Day on Sunday. My parents got the cutest "candy" arrangement from Macy. Maybe next year they can get something from me :)

Trice said...

YEah. I can tell you about that nerve. Reagan did that too me and I thought I was going to die walking down the halls bent over or dragging my leg. I ended going to the doctor, and he told me to take a warm bath and take some pain reliever and it went away. Crazy the way the babies can find nerves and spots that you thought you never had.

Colleen said...

I SAW that lady in the paper! I turned to mom and said "that's the street Lauren used to live on" but I never thought it was your mom's house. There are REALLY weird people in Decatur. Glad she didn't take anything big, and that they found her!

I saw you have 105 days left! Almost in the double digits...

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