Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10 on Wednesday!

  1. Went to a birthday party for my friend Mandy’s little girl, Maci, on Saturday. It was SOOO much fun. Maci turned 2 and I got her a Lee Middleton play doll and stroller and she LOVED it. (Pics to come tonite hopefully!)
  2. Kevin’s new off days are Sunday, Monday. This is the first day that we have had off together since before we got married (without burning Vacation or Sick time).
  3. Mom put the house on the market this week. Wow, bittersweet feelings about that. I mean, technically, I haven’t lived there since 1998, and without my Dad, it really isn’t quite the safe haven that it once was, but I am still a little sad.
  4. We are going to see Phantom of the Opera on 10/20. My Dad and Mom were supposed to go with us, we bought tickets back in May, but when Dad died, Mom gave her tickets to the twins. They are really excited, and so am I, but it is a little bit sad at the same time. Phantom was my Dad’s favorite and Kevin has never seen it.
  5. EVERYONE IS PREGNANT (except for me!) Yay for babies! Seriously, 11 people.
  6. Ruby has a scratch on her Cornea and an eye infection. The vet came over last night and gave us 2 tubes of cream to put in her eyes twice a day. NOT FUN (neither was the bill)!
  7. I LOVE our vet. She is a mobile pet vet. She drives an RV that is a full service clinic on wheels and when you need her, you just call and she comes and sees you. It is great and so much easier than loading both the girls up in the car and trying to wrangle them into the vets office.
  8. School sucks, I can’t wait until I am through! I am over half way, so that is definitely a good thing!
  9. Kevin and I have changed out 2 light fixtures this week. We DO NOT work well together on home improvement projects. We always end up fussy by the end, but the fruits of our labors are always spectacular so that makes up for it.
  10. Thank God for Wednesdays!


Candi said...

u got an email :)

Colleen said...

I bet that is odd for your mom to sell the house... It'll be odd for me to not tell John for the 5000th time that my friend Lauren lives on that street when we drive past it. I hope she's happy wherever she's moving to...

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