Monday, September 12, 2011

10 on Monday

This is a just a quickie post.  I am going to do a post (or 2) on our beach vacation this week. For now, here is a 10 on Monday.

  1. We just got back from a week at the beach.  We stayed 4.5 days at a condo in Orange Beach and 2.5 days in Fairhope at The Grand Resort and Spa.
  2. Rory packed her beach bag today and told her Daddy that she is going to the beach.  He told her no, that we would have to go another time.  She told him very firmly "I am asking you 1 more time, take me to the beach!"  Not much of a questions huh?
  3. Because of the tropical storm that passed through the beach the previous weekend, there were TONS of shells on the beach...we brought home probably 60 or so...not kidding!
  4. Rory starts preschool tomorrow.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.  She is pretty excited too!
  5. This past Friday was my Dad's birthday.  Loved spending it at the beach.  I don't know why, but I feel so much closer to heaven at the that weird?
  6. I am back at work today...BOO!
  7. I am going to the grocery store tonight to get stuff for Rory's you know how hard it is to find a lunch box for a toddler?  They are all HUGE, I finally found 2...I got one of them and I am going to order the other one next week. Never hurts to have a spare.
  8. We have had major regression on the potty training front.  Hopefully she will pick it back up soon!
  9. I am having trouble thinking of 10...apparently my brain is still at the beach.
  10. #9.


Candi said...

We have two for Aubs as well. I got her a matching skip hop toddler backpack and lunch bag (the owl one) and then I also got her a quilted monogrammed back pack and matching lunch box (both toddler sized)...we just alternate them between Tuesday and Thursday.

Colleen said...

Not weird. I feel close to Heaven at the lake and river. We used to go to the river every Sunday and basking in everything beautiful with the world makes it hard to not feel close to God. I'm glad you got to spend his birthday there!

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