Monday, August 29, 2011


The weather has been SO pretty this weekend.  We have had a good time playing and enjoying being outside without nearly having a heat stroke.  I have a few pics to post, nothing major.
I got a call from the MDO program that we have had R on the wait list for this past Wednesday and they had a spot open for the 2 day a week program.  I am not going to post where she is going, for security purposes but I am SO excited!  I know that R is going to LOVE it!

I came home and told her and she got so excited about getting to make new friends.  We have orientation tonight and she has meet the teacher tomorrow.  She is going to LOVE it! 
This next pic has all kinds of issues, but it is so "Rory" right now.  She is sassy!
Yesterday, before church, we were ready a few mins early so I told her that I wanted to take a picture of her in her dress.  This was my 3rd Easter dress and I had yet to really get a good pic of her in it.  I did get a few good ones, but this is BY FAR my favorite picture.  Anyone who knew my Dad, should recognize this look (minus the finger in the mouth)
Here we go, this one is better! 
Well, that is all for now!  Hope that you guys have a good week! 


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