Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day

I mentioned yesterday that Rory was starting 2 day per week MDO this week.  She was SO excited this morning, I had trouble getting pictures.  I got a few at home, but once we got there, forget it...she was too excited to be bothered.  She met one of her classmates in the lobby, and they immediately hit it off. The school provides the kids with the same bag.  Each class has it's own design...Rory's class was crayons, so when I spotted another crayon, I pointed Rory their way, and she and her new buddy were fast friends.

My big girl, getting excited to be going to big girl school!

 I am hoping to take a picture with this bunny on the last day of school too,  I know my big girl will look like such a baby compared to her end of the year picture.
 I have quite a few of these...very nice Rory!
 Little Miss Independant wanted to hold her lunch bag.  I have yet to get it embroidered...whatever, maybe this weekend.
 At school.  I was hoping for this cute, in front of the school pic...not so much.  She was so excited and just kept running around.  Oh well, this is our story, our first day experience and she was SO excited, and I am thrilled that the pics reflect that!
   She cried a bit when we left, but other than that, she did really well! 
She was glad that Kevin was there to pick her up, but she had a good time.  I asked her if she wanted to go back and she said 'Yes, but not today'

She refused a nap after school and then promptly fell asleep on the couch at 7:15.  I changed her to jammies, and tucked her into bed without waking her.  My sweet big girl!

Some posts on the beach are coming soon!


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