Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Quickee - Conversations with Rory

This will be a quick one, but she has been SUPER funny lately!

In the car on the way to eat with some friends of ours.  I called Kevin to tell him that we were going to O'Charleys (Hello, kids eat free!).
R: We are not going to O'Charley's, we are going to Ruby Tuesdays.
L: We are going to O'Charley's Rory, maybe we will go to Ruby Tuesdays another time
R: I am not going to O'Charleys
L: Okay
R: Wets go to Nellie Friday's
(***get it, RUBY and NELLIE...our dogs!)

We are trying to get her to go Poop in the is our last hang up that she isn't really consistent with.  For whatever reason, this is her thought process on Pooping.
R: Mommy, those fishies are hungry
L: What fishies Rory?
R: Those fishies in the Ow-Shun
L:O, OK.
R: I have to Poop in the potty to feed the fishies, they are so hungry
L: Rory, do you need to go potty
R: Yes, let's hurry!
-----She goes, and hops off the potty
R: YAY!  Mommy, those fish are so happy...they aren't hungry anymore!
L: Super!
(This is totally gross, but if it gets her to go, I don't care what she calls it and we have since aquired a new "Code Phrase"...I need to go 'Feed the Fish' has a whole new meaning)

Rory has gotten 2 of the Llama Llama books, they are SO cute, if you have toddlers, RUN and get them. 
Rory knows all of LLama Llama Red Pajama and 'reads' it to her self all of the time! 
I was fussing at her the other day and she busts out with this one:
R: Mommy, you listen to stop all this Llama Drama and be patient for your Mama
(I almost lost it by the way...hard to scold her when she is being super cute)

After getting out of the tub the other night, she is following me into her room, all wrapped in her towel.  I turn around when I get to the bed and she is not there.
L: Rory...where are you?
L: Rory, come here please
R: (from far away) Rory is not here right now
L: Where is Rory and who is that talking?
R: This is Princess Belle, call me sweetly pweese
L: Princess Belle, where are you, come here please
-Rory tip toes in
R: Oh dear, I seemed to have gotten wost (lost), and I am naked...oh my

R drops juice sippy and a little spills out
R: Uh Oh, well that was unfort-nat (unfortunate)


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