Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Conversations with Rory

Here are few from lately.

On our way home from church 2 Sundays ago
L: Rory, did you have a good time at church?
R: Yes, I did
L: What did you learn in Sunday School?
R: God made pizza
L: He did?  What else?
Same day, at the table, during lunch.
R: Daddy, what is God doing?
K: I don't know, what is God doing Rory?
R: He is outside mowing the grass.
K: (to me) I think that we need to take her to church more she thinks that God is the Pizza man who mows our yard.
In discssing her new big girl bed
L: Rory, I love your new big girl bed, are you going to sleep in it tonight?
R: No I am not.  I am too little, I am just a little tiny baby.
L: You are a big girl, in your own big girl bed.  It is going to be so fun!
R: No Mommy, I want the stripes back on my bed. (that would be the slats...aka the other side of the crib).
Yesterday at nap time.
L: Rory it is time to take a nap.
R: No, it is not, I am not taking a nap.
L: Yes, you are, let's go get in your bed.
R: (while getting in her bed) I am not tired Mommy, I am just really grumpy.
L: Well, taking a nap will solve that too.
L: Rory, lets clean up a little bit, take all your books and put them back on the bookshelf in your room please.
R: (looking at me like I am crazy) Seriously, Mommy that is a lot of books.
Yesterday while sitting on the couch watching Sleeping Beauty.
R: Mommy, that is Sleeping Beauty
L: Yes, Rory, it is.
R: Sleeping Beauty is very pretty, like me.
L: Yes, she is very pretty, just like you.  Do you know Sleeping Beauty's name?
R: Yes...I do
L: Well, what is it?
R: A-Rory, see just like me, we are the same
Overheard while I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher.
R: Nellie, come here
(few seconds later, more loudly)
R: Nellie, come here...just be still...this won't hurt a bit.
(I knew this might not be good...I inch to the edge of the kitchen to look around the corner - Nellie is sitting looking at Rory and Rory has the handle to her broom in her hand)
Rory bops Nellie on the head
R: Abra Dabra-you are Nellie the frog.
(perplexed look)
R: Nellie you are a funny looking frog...lets try Ruby...
Last weeks lesson at church was on Noah.  She came home with the little worksheet that they had done on Noah...complete with illustrations showing Noah with a full white beard and robes.
L: Rory, who is this on your worksheet from church?
R: That is Ga-Noah-e-o, he rode in a boat
(Clearly, she is confusing the pronunciation of Noah with Gnomeo from Gnomeo and Juliet)
L: That is Noah, God told him to build an ark.  Do you remember who else was on the ark with Noah?
R: ....(thinking)....Mommy and Daddy aminals and his wife Juliet.
L: Rory, I don't think his wife's name was Juliet, wrong story.


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