Tuesday, June 14, 2011

10 on Tuesday

We are still alive, it has been a wild few weeks, but hopefully everything is getting back to normal and I can begin blogging more again.

  1. Rory had a fever virus for a week.  SHe was pitiful and it concluded with a wicked awesome rash...not fun, but short lived thank goodness.
  2. The week AFTER the fever virus.  We wound up in the ER because Rory had a UTI.  If you haven't ever had to hold your 2 year old down for them to put a catheter in, you aren't missing anything....trust me.
  3. I had a great birthday!  I am officially 31...crazy!  I got a new washer and dryer... You know you are old when a washer and dryer is an appropriate bday present! 
  4. Rory is full on in the 2 year old attitute at the moment.
  5. I asked R what she learned at church on Sunday and she said "God made pizza." 
  6. We have been doing some minor home improvement projects around the Humphrey house, more to come this weekend. 
  7. Tinkerbell brought Rory a pouch of pixie dust in exhange for her pacies...PLEASE let this one stick! So far, so good.
  8. I need a vacation!  We are SLAMMED at work!
  9. Having trouble getting 10.
  10. I haven't taken any pics in a week or two.  That is the longest that R has gone with no pics being taken!  Poor kid...right?


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