Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Conversations with Rory

(Sorry for the is a cell phone pic!)

Rory was sorting coins into a change purse.
L: Rory, what are you putting in the coin purse?
R: Pennies and Pickles
L: Do you mean Pennies and Nickles?
R: That is what I said Mommy, 'Pennies and Pickles
Tonight while snuggling on the couch preparing for bed
R: Dohn stan, Dohn stan, Dohn stan so cwowse to me
(I didn't know that she knew any 80s Police songs-this is all Kevin's influence, I am 100% sure)
Rory was sitting in the floor of our bedroom with a crayon and piece of paper.
L: Rory, what are you doing?
R: Nofin...just finkin of some new ideas
To Nellie (our yellow lab) when Nellie came up and licked Rory's cheek
R: Nellie, your mouth smells very cue-lar (peculiar)
At bedtime Friday night.
R: Mommy, you want to put me in my bed?
L:  Sure, are you ready to go get in your bed?
R: I am ready
L: Ok, lets go
-put her in the bed, covered her up and turned her music on.  It was a different CD than usually plays at night
R: Mommy, somefin is not right wif that music...Rory's music says 'Bum, Bum..laaaaaaaa...dee"
-I put her usual CD back in
R: Fanks Mommy, that is much better, now I can cwose my eyes and have supa sweet dreams
L: Ok, night night, sweet dreams Rory I will see you in the morning
R: Mommy I can't tell you good night because I am supa sleeping, cwose the door pwease
Rory walks into the living room, naked...
L: Rory, where are your clothes and diaper
R: They were dirty, you need to wash the wan-dree
L: I think that we need to put some clothes back on Rory
R: Mommy..(turns around with her back to me) dis is my boodie and it is naked
Also, she names all horses "Lauren (Wahr-ren)" and all bunny rabbits are named "Kevin"  Don't ask me, I have no idea why.


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