Tuesday, March 11, 2008


  • That is how I feel. I have had one of the WORST days ever. I have a professor that is just a jack@$$. He posted a test and told us that it opened on 3/7 and closes on 3/10. Simple enough right? NOT! He closed it on 3/10 at 12:59AM. I went to take the test yesterday, naturally, it was closed. I emailed him about it and he basically said "Too Bad." JERK!!!!!
  • So, I am thinking happy thoughts and just pretending I am back here:
  • And having a romantic dinner with our private butler, here:
  • Ahh, hear the waves, much better.


ROZ said...

Okay, he's just being a piss-ant. No worries girl, on the next test, blow it out the water and sign your name with the smiley face with the tongue sticking out. In yo face Professor Man!!!

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