Friday, February 8, 2008

Pictures...Lots of them!

OK, so I have been MAJORLY neglecting the blog...sorry! I somehow managed to screw up my computer and had to do a system restore and restore all of my programs, including my photo anyway...there is my excuse! Ok, well get is my catch up post.

  • PIZZA:
    • Kev and I will go to the deli section of Publix about once a month and get their pizza dough and then go to the deli and get fresh pepperoni (amazing the taste difference) and then we will make a pizza...It is SOOO good, and a great treat. It is also something fun that we do together. We really enjoy cooking together..especially non-healthy foods. Anyway, here is the one we did in January. It was SUPER yummy!
    • Last weekend (2/5) we had Kevin's family over for his birthday. We had SO much fun! The first picture is of Brock, Kevin has his Proton Pack from his days in the 80s as the 5th Ghostbuster, and he put it on Brock since he couldn't play Wii. Brock had a BLAST! Isn't he a cutie? A Boy after Kevin's heart. Such a sweetie pie!
    • We introduced Davis to the Wii. Needless to say, we ALL took turns playing the games with him. It was really a lot of fun! I really enjoy seeing Kevin playing with the Boys. He will be such a GREAT Daddy one day
    • OK, so technically, their Birthday isn't until the 19th, but since they are having their party tomorrow (2-9), a co-ed Dance party by the way, and Sarah Grace has a dance competition the next 2 weekends (2-16, 2-23), last weekend (2-2) was the only feasible weekend for us to celebrate.
    • Sips n Strokes had a painting scheduled for that Saturday called "Funky Girl" and it was kind of trendy cute so I decided that they might like to paint it. So, off we went, and they did really well. It was completely free hand, the outline wasn't drawn out for them or anything.
    • I hadn't told them what we were doing, just that they needed to wear old clothes and be ready for a good time. Like I said earlier, they did really well, considering that the Saturday paintings are supposed to be the most difficult, they did exceptionally well. You be the judge.


Colleen said...

Yay for the update! They did great on the paintings and that pizza looks delish!

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