Tuesday, February 12, 2008

5 on Tuesday

  1. I am SOOOO TIRED!
  2. Took 3 tests and wrote 1 paper last week. Made: 98, 89, 86, 84...Not bad!
  3. Have at least 3 tests every week until the end of the semester...IN MAY! Uhhh, yeah, going to be a long semester
  4. My Mom is coming down this weekend and we are going to Sips N Strokes on Friday night. We are doing a painting called the Blue Door. I am SO excited, it is pretty...we will see how mine turns out! I will post a picture after I do it.
  5. Kevin is working on Valentines Day so, no romantical evening for us, but that is OK. I am not really looking forward to "Singles Awareness Day" this year anyway for reasons previously disclosed.
Well, that is my 5 on Tuesday. SO glad that tomorrow is Hump Day! Man, this has been a LONG week!


ROZ said...

Go you! Kudos on the awesome grades. Shoot, kudos on being back in school! If I knew someone was going to have to grade me on something I'd probably punch them in the face. Yep, don't have that school mentality anymore, hehehe, if I paid for the class, then you better believe I'm going to let you know if I'm not getting what I need from it... no need to test me. ;)

Enjoy Sip n Strokes with your mom! Sounds like you're becoming quite the regular there. Where are you hanging all of your artwork?

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