Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Too Funny!

So I found this website and you enter your name and it makes something else out of the letters. Think Anagram from High School English. CLICK HERE!!!! Reply in a comment to this post with what your name translates to! FYI: Lauren Humphrey = Hurry Up! Male Hen Lauren F Humphrey = Hurry Up Flame Hen Too Funny!


Moore Power 2 You said...

Hey Here are mine:
Mandy Moore = o My on dream
Mandy R Moore = Dreamy Moron
Amanda R Moore = Dream or a moan

Candi said...

Candi McClanahan= calm and chic annal
Candice McClanahan= chic calm and an acne
Candice H. McClanahan= Damn! Chic, anal chance

That last one is the funniest but I didn't realize my name had an ! and a , in it LOL!

Colleen said...

webuser: Colleen dixon
sternest: Excel in old no.

webuser: Colleen Hillis
sternest: Hello! Nice ills.

webuser: Colleen Elaine Hillis Dixon
sternest: Hello! Lexicons idle in alien.

I'm not sure what my ills are but I'm glad they're nice :)

Candi, yours cracked me up. :)

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