Friday, January 25, 2008

Just for the sake of Posting (You are Welcome Mandy)

I just thought that I would post today....haven't in a while! School is kicking my rear...why did I decide that 3 classes and a FT/10 hour a day job was a good idea?!? So here it is, my 5 on Friday:

  1. Kevin (aka Wonder Husband) took off today and tomorrow and asked if I wanted to go and spend the night in Decatur tonight so that my Mom and I can have some time together. He said that he knew that we needed each other. Now really, how many Hubby's volunteer to pack up 2 dogs and go spend the night with their MIL? Super sweet boy!
  2. Kev got a new TV for his is a Samsung LCD HD tv. I have to admit, it is pretty sweet!
  3. His super great wife (that's me) got him a Blue Ray player for his Birthday/Valentines Day present as well. Hey, you can't have HD tv and not have HD movies!
  4. I miss my friends....all of you!
  5. Kev is taking a class at the Police Academy in Tuscaloosa next week. That means that he is working Monday - Friday, a normal person. That also means that we get EVERY EVENING OFF together. Granted, I study with my grad school friend until at least 6 every night, but whatever, it beats having to stay up until 11:30 to talk to him. I am going to be COMPLETELY rotten by the end of the week!

Well, that is 5 on Friday. I will be back next week with some pics. My laptop crashed again this week, so I am having to reinstall all the, fun, fun.



Moore Power 2 You said...

Thank you Lauren!
Can't wait to see your sweet TV!

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