Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello all, I know, it has been a while since I posted. SORRY!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I have to admit, I have a lot of mixed emotions about this Thanksgiving. One year ago, I never could have imagined what the coming year would bring. I am so very thankful that I had one last Thanksgiving with my Dad and Nonie. Thanksgiving was always my Dad's holiday. I always loved coming home the night before Thanksgiving and helping get everything ready for the HUGE meal to come. Waking up to the smells of Barbecue, Fried, and Baked turkeys that my Dad had spent the night preparing, I never realized just how much happiness was wrapped up in the little details.

I have thought a lot lately about everything that 2007 has brought. I have come to the conclusion that I am very blessed. I am struck with the realization that the reason that the year has been so painful is because I have lost such important parts of my life but that the reason it hurts so much is because I was fortunate enough to love and be loved as much as I am. Wow, how blessed I am. I am blessed that I had people in my life that I cared so much about, and who cared so much about me. I am blessed that I have a Mother who is so strong and thankful that she and I have each other to lean on. I am blessed that I have such a close knit family, that when one of us is ripped away, the others work together to patch the gaps. I am blessed to have friends who stand next to me, with no questions asked. I am blessed to have a husband, who has never left my side, has willingly taken on the emotional care of both my Mom and I and who helps me remember how to breathe on days when I forget. I am blessed to have had a Dad for 27 years and 22 days that daily showed me what it means to love unconditionally and who loved me more in the 9,877 days of my life than some people have in a lifetime. I am blessed to have had such profound losses. I am blessed to have just one more minute with the people that I love.

Don't get me wrong, I miss my Dad and Nonie with every ounce of my being. Some days it is almost more than I can handle. I always imagined seeing my Dad with my kids and was looking forward to the day that I could tell Nonie that she was going to be a Great Grandmother. I am not so much sad for me, I am sad for my children, who will never know what a precious, precious gift that their Grandfather and Nonie were.

I didn't write this post to be a downer, I hope that you all know that I am so thankful for you and you are each a Blessing on my life.

"What a difference a year makes"...wow is that true! I must admit, I am ready for 2007 to be over, but I am excited about all the new blessings to come in 2008. I only pray, that I can find the blessings in my life, even on days where they are hard to find.


ROZ said...

What a beautiful post. I know that your grandmother and father are very proud of the woman that you are. It takes a strong and wise person to acknowledge the blessings you did and I know that God will continue to send comfort and happiness to your family.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving girlie!

Monica said...

It's hard to count your blessings when so many things have gone wrong. I think we all have a tendency to focus on the bad, rather than the good that we still have.

Have a Happ Thanksgiving!!

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