Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Crazy Lady

That is what I am at this point. It has been a WILD past few days. I spent the whole weekend either studying or cleaning out the garage (10 hours total for me, 6 hours total for Kevin) so that we can fit 2 of the 3 cars in there. Then yesterday, I got an email that one of my relatives in Georgia died on Sunday, all the while I have a test in Managerial Accounting tonight and another test in World Economic Development tomorrow. To add to that pile of loveliness, my Grandmother (Nonie) has to go to the hospital today for another biopsy of her lung because at her last "cancer free" check up appointment, they found a suspicious spot on the PET scan. Needless to say, it has been a wacko 4-5 days for us! If you guys don't mind, say a little prayer for my test taking abilities and for my family in general. Between the death and Nonie's biopsy deal---we are definitely stretched to the limit. We just keep telling ourselves, "If God brings you to it, he will bring you through it!" Lots of fun...grad school stinks... On a lighter note, Kevin and I are 16 days away of our trip to Gatlinburg for our 1st anniversary. YEAH!!! At this rate, we are going to need it. Here is a link to the cabin where we are staying: Cute_As_A_Bear - it is the same cabin that we stayed in when we went together the first time in November of 2004. We are super exited and I can't WAIT to get away for a long weekend.


Candi said...

Hey girl...I am praying for Nonie and your family...it's true...if God brings you to it he brings you through it...I am sorry about grad school too..I know it sucks but it will be worth it in the end...it'll get better...and 16 days will fly by and and your much needed vacation will be here...I am feeling you on that one...me and Wes are going to Washington D.C. in May and I am so ready for it!!! I can't believe it's been almost a year since you got married!! Happy Wednesday to you!!

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