Thursday, June 17, 2010

You know you are a Mom when & Out of the Mouths of Mom's

I thought that this might be fun!  Feel free to add more in the comments.  I recorded the first 10 that came to my head, but I am sure you all have plenty others.

  1. You open your purse to retrieve your check card and find an apple juice box.
  2. You reach in to grab your wallet and a pacie finds it's way into your hand.
  3. There is an extra box of wipes under the back seat of your car "Just in case"
  4. The thought of snot and poop doesn't scare you anymore.
  5. You got into bed at 10:30p and are proud of yourself because you got into be "early"
  6. You let your toddler walk around the house in 2 different shoes because it is "keeping her quiet"
  7. You actually think to yourself, as you potty alone, "Wow, it is kinda boring in here when I don't have to try to keep the baby out of everything."
  8. You refer to the bathroom as a "potty" even asking your husband "do you need to potty before we leave?"  Sorry honey!
  9. You  have ever rearranged furniture in the living room, knowing that it won't stop the toddler from getting into trouble, but might slow her down enough that your tired self might get an extra second or 2 to catch  her.
  10. You are getting ready to leave the house with Hubby and Crazy toddler when you realize that you have gotten everyone ready and they look refreshed and put together however, you still have  your pajamas on and haven't even thought about getting yourself ready.
Also, in the past 24 hours, these are some of the things that have come out of my mouth:
  1. "Rory please stop licking the wall"
  2. "I don't think Nellie likes it when  you put your finger in her nose"
  3. "Oh, thank you for picking your nose and wiping it on my bare leg, next time lets put our boogers in a Kleenex"
  4. "Please stop touching your hiney, I can't get your diaper on with your hands down there"
  5. "Lets keep the Polynesian Sauce on our chicken and not use it as hair gel"
  6. "No Ma'am, we do not poke our fingers in people's eyes"
  7. "No Ma'am, we do not poke our fingers in the dogs' eyes"
  8. "Ruby doesn't like it when you hit her in the head with your juice cup"
  9. "Rory why is your croc in the potty?"
  10. "Rory where is your diaper?"
Hope everyone is having a good week!


Candi said...

You know your a mommy when the only songs that get stuck in your head is the themes and songs from Disney Playhouse cartoons! I swear the opening song from Special Agent Oso and the Hotdog Dance song stay in my head!!

Jessica said...

Where is your diaper? haha. I've definitely said that many times!

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