Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 on Tuesday

Short on time so I thought that  ToT would be appropriate.

  1. Rory has an ear infection.  She has run a fever off and on all weekend while we were in Decatur for Sarah and Victoria's recital.  She seems to be doing better today!
  2. Took her yesterday for her "18 Month - Well Child visit" that was actually a "18 Month - Why is my baby running a fever and grumpy like Godzilla visit."  No shots for Miss Bee yesterday, we are delaying her 18 month booster to 2 years.  No biggie! We did get her weighed, she was 25lbs 2 oz and almost 34 inches long.
  3. Contemplating going private with the ole blog.  I have had some issues lately with lifting of some info from the blog for malicious purposes.  I have to keep my family safe!  I have taken some security measures on the blog, if they work, we will stay public, if not, I will let you all know in plenty of time so that I can send you invites to the private blog.
  4. Coming up on the 3rd anniversaries of my Dad and Nonie's deaths.  I can't believe that it has been 3 years already.  I know that they both would be proud of Kev and I and so proud of Miss Bee.
  5. I have been playing with my embroidery machine a little bit lately, I will post some pics soon of some things that I have made for people.
  6. I forgot to do a 17 month post for Rory, oops!  I took pics of her on her 18 month birthday, but she looks like she doesn't feel good (mostly because she didn't) but I will get them up as soon as I can.
  7. My cousin Emily is getting married this weekend and Rory is a flower girl.  I will try to post some  pics of that next week after we get home.  R and I (and the dogs) are going up on Thursday after work and Kev is coming up on Friday to join us.  God HELP ME with Rory and the 2 crazy pups in the car with me on the way to Decatur, this could get interesting.
  8. My Uncle Mark (Dad's brother) is coming up this weekend too.  We haven't seen him in a year, I am excited for Rory to get to see him and I know that he is excited to see her too.
  9. Running out of thing for 10 on Tuesday
  10. The girls did a great job at their recital, they are so grown up.  I just love watching them dance.  Speaking of, I have started looking around for dance studios in the 'Ham for Rory.  I know I still have a good year and a half before she can even start, but whatever!


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