Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 on Tuesday

  1. These girls turned 15 this past Friday.  More on that later! 
  2. Some kids like to sleep with a fuzzy blanket or soft toy...my kid's choice of bedtime snuggle item last night:  a book (and 3 pacies which is pretty standard)
  3. This is going to be a long week, I can already tell.
  4. I forgot Feb is a short month so payday comes this Friday, not next Tuesday
  5. Rory was getting into something last night and I told Kevin that his baby was being naughty.  Rory heard me and wandered around the Living Room repeating 'I Naw-Nee' over and over.
  6. Rory has this horse and I walked in the living room the other day to find her riding it with no diaper on.  Apparantly we are descendants of Lady Godiva...who knew.
  7. I hate my washer and dryer but am too cheap to buy a new one.
  8. Rory spent a lot of time outside on Saturday since the weather was nice, she really like running around like a crazy baby and expending energy.  I admit that it was nice getting some fresh air.
  9. It is supposed to snow tonight...wasn't it 65 three days ago?
  10. I can't think of 10...sorry


Monica said...

I naw-nee....that is priceless!!

Candi said...

I hope you got a picture of her riding in the buff..you know for when she's 16 lol!
I can't believe Sarah Grace and Victoria are 15...um yeah we are officially old!

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