Friday, October 9, 2009

Calling all Former Band Geeks!

Ok, I am so smart...I totally meant to write this post a week or two ago and forgot and now it is the last day. Well, better late than never I guess. All you AHS Bandees will remember the dreaded fruit sale. Well, as you also know, Sarah Grace and Victoria are in the band this year. They have to sell 25 boxes of fruit PER PERSON! They have asked that I help them sell their quota. So, all you Band Nerds, step up to the plate and help them out PLEASE! You can either order online, or I can give you their info and you can do it that way. The website is here: AHS FRUIT SALE. I know that I totally waited until the last minute, but help them out please! 50 boxes is a lot! If you do it online, on the last page, it will ask you to pick a student. You can pick either one since in the end, it won't matter. Thanks guys!


Gretta said...

I just realized who you are and we were in band together at AHS! This post brought back a LOT of fun memories...not just begging people to buy those cartons of fruit & then having to deliver all those suckers! Hope you & your family are doing well. Yes, I read MckMama's blog & I cheated on the cake & did not go by her recipe exactly. I used boxed cake mixes & chocolate frosting in a tub! (haha) I am going to become a follower of your blog, too!

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