Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sorry I have been MIA. Kevin accidentally broke the hinges that hold the laptop screen up and it nearly impossible to hang on to the screen, hold Rory and type. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  • I am on my last week of maternity leave. 12 weeks went by so fast! I can't believe that she will be 10 weeks old on Friday. I go back to work this coming Monday. I am sad that I am going to have to be away from her for so long, but it makes me feel better that Kevin will be with her and then the sitter will be coming to our house to keep her for 3 hours until I get home on Tuesday - Friday.
  • Rory turned 2 months old on the 12th. I can't believe that she has been here 2 months already. It has gone by SO fast! I have pictures from her 2 month birthday that I will try to get up soon!
  • It is official. Miss Bee is sleeping through the night. She is giving us at least 7 hours of straight sleep per night, sometimes more! YAY!!!!
  • Rory had her first set of shots on Monday. Poor little Bee, she got 2 in each leg! She was pitiful. Her doctor says that she is right on schedule and doing great. She weighed 10 pounds and 1 ounce and was 21.75 inches long. We have officially graduated out of newborn diapers and into size 1. Yay for our tiny girl!
  • Rory will be christened in Decatur on April 5th. More info on that at a later date.
  • Rory and I will be in Decatur tomorrow through Friday morning.
  • I can't post without any pics, so I will leave you with this one!


Candi said...

What an adorable picture! Yay for sleeping through the night! I don't have your number for some reason...and I would love to see ya'll if you have the time while you are in Decatur...I think Colleen has your number but if you get this today (Wed) email me your number please ma'am. But seriously if you have a free minute while in Decatur I'll come see ya'll :)

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