Saturday, February 21, 2009

2 months old

Sorry this is late. I finally got my new laptop and it took me a little while to get the driver installed for the D60 camera (I still haven't uploaded the driver for the point and shoot). Here is Miss Bee's official 2 month picture. We are working at putting some meat on those legs, but they are so cute! Rory had her 2 month appt on 2/16. She got 4 shots and did 1 oral vaccine. Here she is with her band aids. There is an identical bandaid on the other leg too.

She was in a great mood last week before church, so I got quite a few cute pictures. This is one of my favorite dresses on her. It is so cute and she looks so cute in her smocked dress and pearls for church. Such a sweet baby!
I love this toothless grin!
This is her new toy. She LOVES it. She will lay there and babble and squeal at herself in the mirror and stare at the toys for a good while.
I go back to work on Monday. I can't believe that it is already time for me to go back to work. More on this subject later.


Candi said...

Hey girl cute pictures!
Sorry I didn't get to call you...Susan called me at 6:30 Thurs morning begging me to baby sit Macy because she (Macy) was sick and her regular babysitter was also sick and Susan needed to go to work. So I very well couldn't tote Macy around. So I apologize...I will get to meet Miss Bee hopefully sometime soon :)

Lauren said...

no biggie, we will catch you next time or maybe we can meet up the next time you are in Birmingham.

Katy said...

Lauren she looks just like you! She is beautiful! Please enjoy her small and helpless because they grow so fast, Scarlet is 1 year old today!

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