Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas (A Day Late)

Ok, so i have spent the past 4 days traveling like a maniac. I went to Decatur on Saturday and my dad and i went to a hockey game (huntsville havoc). it was sooo much fun! i love my daddy! i like to tease kevin when he does something wrong (read: i don't get my way and i am fussy) that i will tell my daddy on him. he doesn't seem to be scared by this, hmmm i am going to have to work on that! back to my original thought process. on sunday we did 2 family trees with my mom's family and then my mom and dad came back with me to birmingham so that we could all spend christmas together (with kevin since he had to work). we all got up on christmas morning and opened our presents...then more running around. kev and i went to his brother's house and opened up presents with his family. well actually, we watched his nephews play with their santa gifts. davis is 4 so he was really into it this year, brock is only 14 months so he was really more interested in trying to take all of davis' stuff to his (brock's) room. it was fun! then, more traveling, we came back to our house and had christmas dinner. it was fun, but i am VERY tired (5:30 came waaaaaay too early this morning). I will try to get some pictures up of Christmas. we are going tonite with kev's parents and his brother and sister-in-law to see "12 angry men" and then we are all going to see his grandmother tomorrow. hectic, but still lots of fun. happy holiday's everyone!


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