Monday, September 13, 2010

21 Months...

We had a little tea party in Rory's room tonight and I snapped a few photos (I know they are dark..I don't have the energy to edit them tonight).

This is also the official 21 month post.  I can't believe that she is already 21 months old!  She is SO much fun and is constantly amazing me with how smart she is.  She is making whole sentences, and I mean...complete sentences, not baby talk.
I took her outside to try to get a few shots.  Instead I got these:

She kept pointing at the moon in the sky and saying "Goodnight Moon, Goodnight red balloon" and then she would say..."Mama...where is that cow?"  Too funny.

When she wasn't doing this, she was doing her best not to cooperate...but hey...Rory at 21 months...this is it...BUSY!
21 months...where has my tiny baby gone?  She has been replaced by Captain Sassy Pants...good thing that she is cute.


phat girls usa said...

I WANT SOME TEA!!!!! i injured myself last night after school. my foot turned off a curb infront of the b building. didn't go to the ER till 8, and the doctor was a complete jerk!!! had to take x-rays twice, but nothing is broken or fractured. just a sprained foot. no school for me today, and crutched suck!!!! i am also craving BAM (Books-A-Million) and joe muggs hot chocolate. i need a hug! how ya been?

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