Friday, September 21, 2007

HEAT WAVE and Home Improvements

  • Ok, so the AC here at work is broken, yet again-2nd time this week, and I am about to ROAST! Seriously, our office is laid out like kind of an L office being at the very end of the L and there is no ventilation and since the AC doesn't work, I am sitting in stagnant heat...YUCK!

HOME IMPROVEMENTS-Just call me Bob Villa!

  • On a side note, when we built our house, I didn't pick out all kinds of different colors to paint the rooms, we went with 1 very neutral color and they used it on every wall, in every room. At the time, we were trying to get both of our houses sold and plan a wedding so picking paint colors--not on the top of the list.
  • NOW-I am tired of beige walls and we are slowly adding color to the rooms, I did the Kitchen about a year ago and the Hall Bath this past April.
  • This weekend, my Mom is coming down and she is going to help me pick out some colors for the remaining rooms (except for the man room/future nursery since it has a 20 ft ceiling and I don't want to paint it now and then have to repaint it again--once is enough!) and then Kev and I will paint at our leisure.
  • I will try to take pics to do some before and afters.



Candi said...

Good luck with the painting. Since we have moved in in June I have painted our kitchen and the master bath. I found out it wasn't that easy lol. I know what you mean about tiring beige walls though. I have my colors picked out it's just finding the motivation to do it :) Between that and landscaping I am like UHHH! :) Yeah I wouldn't want to paint a room twice either...hence why my office is not getting painted..we are going to start trying for number one at the end of next summer so why paint it now and then have to turn around and paint it again? :) Sorry the ac is broken...hopefully they'll get it fixed soon. Have a great weekend with your mom :)

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