Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Brilliant Big Sister-No Really!

I do have a picture for you today. Many of you might remember my friend Ansley from my wedding. Ansley was my "Big Sister" in sorority in college (Alpha Chi Omega--YAY!) and was also one of my "Hot Maids" at my wedding. Ansley was a Math Major, Physics Minor at Birmingham-Southern College she graduated with an obscenely high GPA and was promptly snatched up by NASA. She lives in Houston and is now a card carrying (literally) member of Mission Control. She is responsible for getting the shuttle back in the Earth's orbit and back home safely. I received this picture yesterday. Apparently, the Rocket Scientist at NASA all got temporary tattoos of the mission patch and they were all eager to show them off. Notice the live feed of the astronauts in space on the screen on the left side of the picture. Pretty cool!

Ansley is on the 2nd row, close to the aisle, she has on a blue button down, khakis and glasses. She is a hottie fellas...step on up!

Ciao! Lauren


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